Saturday, August 5


It all started last Sunday. After dropping Tom at the train station I saw Greeting from the Knit Café in Waterstones. I was quite impressed but couldn't justify it. It remains on the shelf. (cost

On Tuesday I saw that Shannon over at Knit it in Black, Please (who has my eternal admiration for liking both bunnies and black) had linked to Knitscene. I ordered it from Loop. It came yesterday. (cost £9.50)

And then. And then. I accidentally looked on the previews for the new IK. Silken Spencer, Gatsby Girl Pullover, Wanderlust Hoodie, Swallowtail Shawl: I hate you, I hate you all. I managed to talk myself out of the international subscription. At least until September. (cost £14)

So I went to look at how much it was on Stash and saw the two new Rowan books and the magazine. One section of the magazine is described as 'dramatic and theatrical' another called Fade To Grey my little gothy dreams have come true. The patters look wonderful. It's love! Unfortunately Little Big Wool and Country do not come in black. But I suppose it will save me some cash. (magazine cost £11+ bus fare to the shop) £15)

I wonder if anyone owes me some money.

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