Friday, October 6

Darling Buds of October (YPF)

I've probably mentioned before how much of a big fan of gimmicks and novelty items I am. Really big one. And in knitting this makes me fall in love with ribbon yarns.

Last weekend my Dad bought me a green velvet jacket as an (early) Christmas present. So I trecked to the craft shop to find some matching wool so I could have a hat. Rowan's Cotton Tape was on sale. I had the pattern book due to an earlier, ill-fated attempt to knit one of the tops in it. So I grabbed two balls in the right colour.

The hat will (hopefully) be blogged about tomorrow

The ill-fated top was supposed to be red. I only got around to unravelling it all last week. These balls are the only evidence of its existence.

When I was in the craft shop I fell in love with my third yarn. The ribbon of the opening paragraph. Sirdar's Organza. At a loss for what to knit with it I picked a simple pattern…

Pattern: Pink Flower (from Sirdar leaflet)
Yarn: Sirdar Organza in red/purple
Ya What: 10sts*13rows, 50m, 50g, 80% polyamide 20% cotton, Lot 94
For: Me
Why: To see how it knit and because flowers are fun.
Alterations: None.
Opinion: Nice, quick, good yarn.


turtlegirl76 said...

But those are the pretty kinda novelty. NOt the scary fun furry kind. I'll give you a pass on that.

I have one skein of the cotton tape and no idea what to do with it. Perhaps a small hat or headband is the ticket.

Mary, Mary... said...

I keep looking at that beige cotton tape. Must. Not. buy. yarn. Thanks!