Monday, August 17

At the wedding

It's easy to be cynical isn't it? But watching my cousin Chris get married this weekend was a good cure.

They are young, that is younger than me, so watching them get married was a little scary. But they are very family orientated - they are family Sims - and they are lucky enough to have found each other while they are young. And if anyone wants to begrudge them that they can come through me.

They were married in the presence of a great deal of loving family and friends including their young son Luke. He is incredibly well behaved and good natured. He has to be, I don't think he's had a second to himself since he was born. I'm sure the pictures of them all together will be treasured for a long time.

And, with a little bit of luck and a lot of love, so will the marriage. I wish them all the best.

But enough about other people, on to me. Not really, but I did make a dress to wear to the wedding. The top half is a grey butterfly design (last seen here) which didn't come out too well on the pictures, and the bottom is a purple cotton. I'm afraid by the time the picture was taken I was rather sweaty and creased. Still I like the dress.

I used New Look 6457 (view A). Turned out the bodice was huge. It was massive even for my industrial sized boobs. To make it again I'd cut the front panel two sizes smaller and the side and back one size smaller. But as I didn't have that much time I added some ruching on the bust.

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